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This is my design.
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I haven't opened my commissions for awhile but class is almost ending so
I'll be opening it now.

:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsclosed: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconrequestsonhold:

What I Do:
-F/M and M/M
-I DO NOT do femslash (sorry)
-I can't do UsUk and Frostiron romantically. (but if it's UkUs then huhuhu YES)
-Don't do Mature arts like explicit sex..just..NO
-My backgrounds gonna suck so you better know it now
-I can do blood or gore but not to the point where I draw internal organs and stuff (not hardcore GORE)
- If you make me do horse or elephant or whatever then it'll SUCK, a lot.
-Other than that I can do!

How my Point commission works:

30 :points: per character
Colored Sketch:
50 :points: per character
durch-leiden-freude.deviantart… durch-leiden-freude.deviantart… durch-leiden-freude.deviantart…
Comic Sketch:
50 :points: for 1-4 panels.
75 :points: for 5-10 panels
100 :points: 10-onwards
durch-leiden-freude.deviantart… durch-leiden-freude.deviantart… durch-leiden-freude.deviantart…
Comic Colored sketch:
65 :points: for 1-4 panels.
95 :points: for 5-10 panels
135 :points: 10-onwards
durch-leiden-freude.deviantart… durch-leiden-freude.deviantart… durch-leiden-freude.deviantart… durch-leiden-freude.deviantart…

(( ALL COMIC WITH PANEL 5 and above are closed, sorry.))

For more information please note me

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Hi guys! I haven't made an entry for awhile but I have some important stuff to talk about if you don't mind giving time to read it XD
So I guess some of you have read my comic, "Not yours" which actually was just a spur in the moment.. Umm well I'll upload at least 1 or 2 more installments of those next week then I will discontinue it. Don't worry it won't end in a super cliffhanger and I would explain to you where I want the plot to head too just to ease your mind. And maybe one of you would want to continue it to a full fledge fanfiction? XD

Anyway here is some good news..

Me and my sister were brainstorming about this au I actually built on while i was not listening to class >__> Anyway it's a really great plot i think because me and my sister is totes all for it ^_^

I did tell you guys I want to make a long comic right? At first I thought I would do it with a fix-it au using frodo to go back in time. I did love thinking about the au, but i never manage to think how he will do that U__U

So now I'm all up for this AU, full of politics, angst, fluff, characters you would want to stab but suddenly turns a bit on the gray side *__*) It's going to be a roller coaster ride, me and my sis were already flailing over it!

Anyway are there any writers here, who has experience in fanfics? It would really be cool if you can help me a bit with the dialogue because I'm not really a native in the english language, and it would be nice if i can have someone edit or suggest dialogues/lines here ^__^)

That's about it! cheers~
Guys i have a plot for my long comic. Me and my sister just made a blueprint of this plot. I AM SO EXCITED. I will draw a preview of it next week when my quiz is finished! OMG GUYSS #bagginshield #angst #drama
Hobbit dump XIII by Durch-Leiden-Freude
Hobbit dump XIII
Reblog everything in my tumblr XD -->

1. Tarzan AU cause I'm in the mood. Nope actually i have a plot in my head but wth 
2 & 3. It's for a fanfic (Prayers to Broken stone)…
it's in chapter 12. Cried so much. I actually made the colored one first but hated it so i just uploaded the non colored one -__-)
4. I AM NOW AN ANGBANG SHIPPER! what is angbang? well angbang is the ship name of MELKOR/MAIRON aka MORGOTH/SAURON. BEST EVIL CUTE SHIP EVERRRRRR. And of coarse i had to put gigolas and bagginshield. It's like what i ship most on Silmarillion, LOTR, Hobbit. btw the design of Melkor and sauron here is base from Phobs, who was the on that got me shipping this ship The Monkey With the Nosebleed Excited Blush 
i am so upset with bagginshield. so upset. this is such hell. will be living here for all eternity. otp of all otp.


Durch-Leiden-Freude's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am a multishipper.

I also love reading world politics and news as much as I love being active in the fandom.

So you can always just pm me if you want to talk about events that are happening in other countries :D I'd love to have a chat with you on that.

Also my love on politics has its roots on my love of hetalia

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